Thursday, December 20, 2012

BJBIE Attends Annual Foreign Language Conference

In late November, BJBIE attended and exhibited at the annual ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Conference, which was held in Philadelphia, PA.

BJBIE staff has attended this program for the last two years, mainly because it is one the few opportunities to meet with teachers and administrators from high schools, colleges, and universities, and discuss plans to develop language programs either from scratch of beyond an introductory level.

This year’s program did not disappoint. Almost 7,000 teachers and administrators attended this year’s conference, and the Chinese language section was abuzz with discussions of new programs, innovative approaches to engaging more students in language courses, and establishing relationships to move forward strategic plans.

BJBIE Manager for Outreach and Program Development, Jim Burke, attended the conference as an exhibitor and participant in many sessions. During the Exhibition Fair, Jim was pleased to meet and discuss BJBIE’s Business in Chinese language program with schools looking to begin Chinese at their schools and schools that wanted higher-level subject-specific courses like business Chinese.

The curriculum was very well-received by teachers and administrators – the common response from teachers was that the curriculum’s real-world and relate-able scenarios will give students a better sense of how to use their Chinese language skills in day-to-day activities or in structured business conversations. Administrators liked that they could work with BJBIE’s Adaptation Team to map out the learning objectives for all semesters and ensure student outcomes.

Business in Chinese had an excellent reception in Philadelphia, and Jim is busy following-up with his new clients and contacts. ACTFL remains an excellent opportunity to meet those working in Modern Languages and International Education – and we look forward to next year. 

Jim Burke, Manager of Outreach and Program Development, showcasing BJBIE's Business in Chinese curriculum and various cultural immersion programs

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Three City Tour Across Hunan Province

First Presentation: Changsha
BJBIE Vice President of Human Resources, Mr. Huang He, and BJBIE Manager for Outreach and Program Development, Mr. Jim Burke, arrived in Changsha after three days of meetings and presentations in Chengdu. The Changsha Office was the second stop for the education seminar, and continued the successful response of the Chengdu seminar. This time, more BJBIE staff was available for presentations and explanations of programming options. Speaking on the state of US Higher Education, Jim Burke, presented first, followed by presentations  on the ESL curriculum of BJBIE Pathway Programs and the student support provided by BJBIE in China and the US and BJBIE partner institutions. The academic strength and focus resonated with the attendees, which are eager to participate.
Students registering for the program and asking BJBIE Student Support Specialists about partner schools

Second Presentation: Chenzhou
The recruitment effort continued in the southeastern city of Chenzhou – a rural city located 30 minutes by bullet train from Changsha. This city was the site the of the BJBIE Recruitment presentation that drew the largest number of students so far – 150 students attended the presentations of Dr. Gao of Peking University, Jim Burke of BJBIE, and Ms. Li of BJBIE’s Changsha Office. The presentation was the same overview of the Chinese education system, the US higher education system, and the avenues students can take for a pre-college and full degree program. The students of Chenzhou are very motivated for international study – peppering Dr. Gao with questions about the differences between university life at US and Chinese universities. When Mr. Burke approached the crowd, many students were eager to hear more about what US universities expected from international students, and discussed how they may find the right university for them. Finally, Ms. Li discussed the inevitable need many students have for more training in English language – whether it’s preparation for a full degree program or to be successful in a short-term exchange program. Ms. Li laid out the many options for students, which were well received, as after her presentation she was met with many questions. Mr. Burke also found himself discussing whether universities preferred the Common Application or their own application, and many other typical admissions questions. All in all, the program was a success – turnout was strong, students were interested, and many applications were completed for BJBIE programming. The recruitment efforts appear to be picking up steam and finding a warm reception.
Dr. Gao discussing the preparation students need before studying abroad

Third Presentation: Henyang 
Leaving Chenzhou, BJBIE representatives and Dr. Gao of Peking University set out for a midday presentation in the city of Henyang. All parties took the bullet train thirty minutes to meet more BJBIE staff on the ground in Henyang, where the presentation was to take place. This presentation was attended by a number of grade 8 English teachers and freshmen high school students. These teachers were looking to showcase the different programs available to students interested in becoming more proficient in their English studies, and for many students, the idea of an educational experience was already on their mind. Over fifty students attended the presentation, along with local press that covered the event, so students and parents across Henyang could hear the different presentations. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BJBIE Kicks Off Two Week Recruitment Tour

Professor Gao Arriving at Sichuan University of Engineering and Technical Studies in Chengdu

August 5, 2012 - BJBIE Manager for Outreach and Program Development, Jim Burke, began his two–week long seminar, Path to US Admission in the newly founded Chengdu Regional Office. This first stop was an important beginning to the seminar, as the Chengdu Office has excelled in developing interest in the BJBIE Pathway Program. The first presentation was held at the renown Sichuan University of Engineering and Technical Studies in downtown Chengdu. The seminar BJBIE hosted included presentations by Professor and Lead Librarian of Peking University, Dr. Gao, who spoke about the needed preparation for enrollment in a strong Chinese university like Peking University, a discussion on the state of US higher education and the realities of the admission process for top-ranking American universities, and an overview of the BJBIE Pathway Program and how it prepares students with needed language and cultural skills that will be of benefit to Chinese students as they enroll in strong university programs.

The seminar was a huge success – nearly twenty families attended the program and stayed afterwards to discuss their own questions with the seminar panel. Many students made appointments with the Chengdu Office to organize interviews for the Pathway Program and understand BJBIE’s partner institutions better. After the seminar, BJBIE staff from the Chengdu, Beijing, and Washington DC offices all attended a reception to celebrate the successful program and review plans for future seminars.

Chengdu is the capital of the Sichuan Province – known for its beautiful scenery, panda preservations, and most notably its excellent and unique cuisine. The BJBIE staff was treated to the best and most representative cuisine of the Sichuan Province - the spicy, the savory, the robust, and the subtle – marked the celebration and experience in Chengdu as unique and memorable. This regional office is off to a strong and successful start, which the BJBIE network will benefit from.

Mr. Li, General Manager of the Chengdu Regional Office and Jim Burke, Manager of Outreach and Program Development

Monday, March 19, 2012

Introducing our Speakers for the "Conducting Business in China" Online Training Series

BJBIE's 2012 "Conducting Business in China" online training series is quickly approaching.  On April 5 and 6, BJBIE webinar registrants will tune in to listen to the great speakers we have lined up to provide the background and knowledge you need to jump head first into the China business market.   
Michael Turner and Minister Zhang Shaogang
Michael Turner

Our first speaker, Michael Turner, joins us from BJBIE's webinar co-host ChinaOrigins Associates.  He is a Partner at the consulting group and Director of the Washington, DC office.  In this capacity he is responsible for overseeing project development activities and assisting clients in the U.S. He also provides liaison for the company with various associations, trade groups, and governmental entities with interests in China, as well as assisting companies in all aspects of China market entry. 

For more than 25 years Michael has consulted with numerous companies in the identification and establishment of business opportunities in Asia. He was a Director with a major international corporation overseeing business development activities as well as strategic business direction. He is a member of several China trade associations and writes extensively about conducting business in China. 

Minister Zhang

Our second speaker is the Minister Counselor for economic and commercial affairs in the Embassy of the People's Republic of China and he took this position in July 2010. He is the highest level PRC government official in the US covering China-US trade relations and economic cooperation. 

Prior to his current position, he served as the Minister Counselor in the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations from October 2008. Before that, he was Assistant Trade Negotiator of the Ministry of Commerce, P. R. China, leading the negotiations of establishing the Free Trade Areas between China and ASEAN, New Zealand, Singapore and Iceland. At the same time, he was also the Senior Economic Official of China for APEC trade and economic affairs. Mr. Zhang graduated from Peking University and Carnegie-Mellon University. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BJBIE Announces Webinar on “Conducting Business in China”

In China, US companies are establishing roots like never before, in order to take advantage of the continued growth of China’s domestic market, which opens up a new and major avenue for American companies selling goods and services.  Small and medium sized enterprises are among players anxiously searching for channels to penetrate China and take advantage of its growing consumer market.  The biggest hurdle for many of these companies is how to get started.  That is why BJBIE has created a two-day online training program to provide information on just that.  Topics covered during the webinar will include:

-       The outlook for doing business in China
-       Understanding the business environment in China
-       How cultural plays an important role
-       The role of the government
-       Market research and due diligence 
-       Structuring your business
-       Finding a partner/business relationships
-       Regulations, Licensing, and certifications
-       Negotiating, resolving problems, and managing conflict
-       Every-day rules to guide your business

The series, to be held April 5 and 6, 2:00 – 3:30 EST, will include a question and answer session at the end of each day to further enhance learning for participants on the nuts and bolts of doing business in China. 

Interested participants can visit our website for more details at, or contact Christine Kahler at with questions about registering.  Ready to register? You can do so here!

Please note: registrants have three days left to enjoy discounted registration rates! For a $50 discount, enter Promo Code “Earlybird”

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BJBIE Meets With Greenville College President For Further Collaboration

On January 30, 2012 Beida Jade Bird International Education proudly welcomed the President of Greenville College, Dr. Larry Linamen, to the DC headquarters for an in-depth conversation about student management and development for Greenville College’s Pathway Program. Conversations on further collaborations with Greenville College and BJBIE were also discussed. Greenville College emphasizes academic excellence. It is an outstanding institution that has committed itself to ambitious goals to increase enrollment, attract students internationally, and provide students with a platform where they can have international communications.

BJBIE CEO, Alyssa Zhang; President of Greenville College, Dr. Larry Linamen; and Senior Manager of Business Operations, Abby Chang

The conversation was mainly about the management and development of Pathway Program. We discussed student management strategies, marketing campaign palns and responsibilities for both players. An agreement was reached on the management of the program. Furthermore, both parties have high expectations for future collaboration concerning BJBIE’s Cultural Immersion Program and Business in Chinese curriculums.

BJBIE seeks to partner with institutions similar to Greenville College that are setting ambitious goals to move their school forward, set themselves apart from competitors, and most importantly address the demands of its current and future students. We believe our educational services can support these kinds of initiatives and lead to tangible results in the form of increased enrollment, broad course offerings, and increased study abroad. We look forward to future meetings with President Linamen and representatives from other schools interested in similar institutional advancements. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

BJBIE Welcomes its Second Group of Chinese Students to its Pathway Program

On 16 January 2012, Beida Jade Bird International Education (BJBIE) warmly welcomed the second group of Pathway Program Chinese students to the United States. This new crop of 14 students enrolled in Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. None of these students knew each other before arriving in the U.S. as they hailed from different regions in China, including Beijing, Shandong, Anhui, Hunan, Guangdong and Xinjiang. This event marked an important step for BJBIE, the largest IT education company in China which is rapidly expanding its overseas education programs in the U.S.

In October 2011, BJBIE greeted its first delegation of Pathway Program students to Greenville College.
Fei Li, one of the first Chinese students at Greenville College says, “It was a clean and clear day in October. Birds were flying in the sky; I was standing firm on the ground. Since then, I believe this is where my dream starts.” Fei Li’s twin brother, Xu Li, also joined the same program. These siblings from Shanxi province are smitten by Greenville’s attractive campus and the smiling faces of local students. Fei Li says, “I believe my dream will blossom out at this campus someday. Thanks for everyone who helped me on this journey.”

In keeping with the program's value of providing strong support to the students and the college, BJBIE’s student service specialist, Reina, made several successful trips to Greenville College. She spent time meeting with each student to learn about his and her background, understand the academic requirements and goals, and help each student adjust to the American culture. During their holiday breaks BJBIE, in close coordination with Greenville College, carries out customized tours throughout the U.S. During her visit to the campus, Reina, spearheads meetings with the college's program directors and language teachers in an effort to strengthen transparency and close ties between students and teachers. As an expression of BJBIE’s appreciation and support to its programs, BJBIE provides special traditional Chinese gifts to the students and college staff.

BJBIE’s programs are in alignment with the demands and convergent goals of the U.S. and Chinese governments. The U.S. Department of State’s 100,000 Strong Initiative calls for a new vision:  “The need for Americans to gain greater exposure to and understanding of China is clear: there is perhaps no more important or complex relationship in the world than that between the United States and China in terms of securing global peace and security.” BJBIE fully supports this mission with its rich and diverse two-way multi-cultural exchange programs.

The Pathway Program is a unique and innovative educational model which helps schools broaden their international student population while shepherding the Chinese students' studies and foreign experiences from start to finish. With an office overlooking the Potomac river in Washington D.C., BJBIE's attractive location enables it to more effectively attend to the needs of its partner institutions. To understand more about the Pathway Program, please visit our website at BJBIE. To stay updated with the progress the Pathway students are making, you can follow us on Twitter  and check out our Facebook Group!